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Signs you need a roof replacement

There are a lot of different ways you can tell if you need a new roof or a roof repair. But if you follow every single one of those signs, you will constantly need to replace or repair your roof. You will practically have the roofing company on speed dial. Let me walk you through the most informing ways to tell if you need to call your local roofing contractor to talk about your roof.

Sunlight shining through the roof

This should be an obvious tell, but sometimes it can be hard to spot if you live in an area already very lit. Try closing up all of your windows and see if there is still light sneaking through somewhere. If you see a strange shine coming in through the roof, take a closer look. There is a better chance that it is a reflection, but better to be safe than sorry when a storm comes through.

Areas of the roof are sagging

This is a sign of a leak. If you see there are new bubbles or pockets in your roof that are sagging just a bit lower than the others, this might be a serious issue. If you feel it and there seems to be something inside of it, you have a leak and you need to contact your local roofers as soon as possible. If you feel the spot and it seems to be hard, you should still consider looking into it since it didn’t exist before, but it’s less serious.

Check the outside of your roof for rotting

The roof on top of your house can be very telling also. You don’t always need to be looking for a leak or any kind of roof issues from the inside when the outside can tell you about things you might be missing. If you look at your roof from the outside and you see that there is some discoloration on it, this can be a sign of rotting. Rotting usually happens when the material that the roof is made of is old. This is an easy fix if you catch it fast enough, but you need to work quickly because it can cause very serious leaks.

If you have shingles, you can look for decay

Much like rotting in different material roofs, you can find decay in shingles. If your roof is made from shingles, or if any part of your home is made from shingles, you can spot decay very easily. It looks as if the shingles are changing color. This problem can be less serious depending on how bad the color difference is. But if you find the shingles on the side of your home changing color, you might want to contact someone so it doesn’t spread from a roof problem to a home problem.

Check for moss

If you find moss, this is a sign of moisture spreading on your roof and home. If you have moisture sitting for long enough, it will create moss. This is also what happens in pools. If this is happening on your roof, you need to contact a roofing company so you can make sure that there isn’t any hidden moisture. If there isn’t, you can just clean up the moss and call it a day. 

Your gutter isn’t emptying out but it isn’t clogged

If you check your gutter drain after a big storm and it doesn’t seem to be pouring the water out, you should check in on your roof. A bad gutter can sometimes direct water towards the house instead of away from it. This can cause many problems but leaks are the most common.

Roof stains

This is a very easy way to tell if you need a roof repair. There is no reason for the inside of your home to have stains of water on the roof. Even if you don’t notice any leaking or water dripping when it rains, if the stain is there, it happened. It doesn’t matter if it was only a small amount. Mold grows very quickly. If you notice a water stain on your roof, contact a roofer immediately to get that looked at and fixed up before it gets any worse.

It can be a lot of stress to have a home or business that you are in charge of. Anything that goes wrong is your problem to deal with. But as long as you catch it in time, it doesn’t have to be that big of an issue.

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